Looking at today's content in the Bible reading plan I'm currently plodding through (New Year revolution to do something different in 2017! - but can start any day Now is the day...) I thought I should summarise what strikes me as being obviously relevant to our situation from today's reading...

  • All you need is in Jesus. It is all about Jesus.
    As I've mentioned elsewhere - 'Turn your eyes upon Jesus'.
  • Look to God to provide for your daily needs.
    He will not necessarily give you all you want or all you think you need, but pray that He will provide you with all you need. Don't be afraid of spending money - what you need may not be the cheapest but He has given you the resources (finance, time, strength, people, property, fields, bicycles or whatever) for such a time as this.
  • God can be very creative in providing for you.
    Your part is to obey him and then trust that he will provide for all your needs.
  • When one door closes it is usually because God is about to open another door in your life.
  • When God's provision for you involves relocation it could be so that you can be the answer to someone else's prayer.
  • 'Living by faith' sometimes involves risking everything.
    The man with £1m in their pocket lives by the same faith as the man with £1.
    Its not one rule for the 'haves' and another rule for the 'have nots' - both live by faith.
  • God promises to supply all your needs, to have enough but never a surplus.
    Jesus performed a couple of miracles to feed 1,000s. He supplied the need from what they had and in both cases there was a surplus. To give away, sell or to provide for themselves over the next few days? Don't know, but the surplus was proof  that there had been a miraculous provision. No surplus - no proof!
    Jesus performed miracles providing something better than what they had in the first place (water into wine). Provision to give away for other people to enjoy.
  • God's provision does not guarantee an easy life.
    We look to His provision, strength and security in the trauma of the storm.

Quick references:
Acts 17v3
1 Kings 17vv3-16
1 Kings 17vv17-20

This, and other similarly themed articles, have been compiled into the 'God is Good Series'.