A chance outing in the car, pulled into cul-de-sac to get a few minutes rest and thought I would look at the passages for the day in the car's bible.

Acts 27v33
14 days of constant suspense - our situation at the time. Need to build up strength.
Acts 27v34-44
They then went through the trauma of the shipwreck hanging onto planks of wood (picture of Calvary?).
Acts 27v44
Everyone reached land safely.

2kings 19v16
... Insulted you the living God.

Psalm 83v18
Let them know that you, whose name is Jahweh – that you alone are the Most High over all the earth.

Your Kingdom come, your will be done.

This is what we seek.
We are active, not being blown around by whatever spiritual wind happens to be blowing.
His Kingdom, His Righteousness we want to see.

May your name be honored and respected.

Do not give your enemies a chance to sneer at you over our situation / it's outworking.

In Heaven

You have a different view / perspective to us.
You see / know things we do not.


You are a father to us.
Care, provision, relationship.
For God so loved the world...

In the end we may not know all the answers but we will know that 'God is good', that 'God is for us not against us'.

P.S. My wife, Jenny, received this message from a saint this afternoon:

This trial that you are going through is not for nothing.
It will be a witness to many and for lifting up of those laid low.

We need to hang onto our planks of wood through the trauma of the storm until we safely reach land.

See also http://biggod.org.uk/articles/135-my-lighthouse.
Reminded that God is responsible for the outcome.
I feel like I have been given a treasure to handle - and not doing a good job of it.
Then I remember that God knows what I can be trusted with! cf 1 Corinthians 10:13
Someone once wrote something about God's strength made perfect in weakness... See 2 Corinthans 12:9
I could do with more muscle ... but maybe my place is resting in Father's arms!

On the subject of stormy seas and planks of wood someone at http://www.junctionchurch.org.uk was talking the other day about a stormy sea...
"... not letting go of the plank of wood and riding straight into the waves ... God delivering us"

This, and other similarly themed articles, have been compiled into the 'God is Good Series'.