On day of Pentecost the 'church' staggered out into the street as if drunk Acts 2v13.
Peter declared 'we are not drunk - this is what the prophet Joel spoke about'.

I would put it differently - it's what Moses prayed when an offended Joshua asked him to stop 2 blokes who were causing mayhem (drunk?) when the Spirit came upon them. Moses replied saying "I wish all God's people would prophecy" Numbers 11vv28-29.

Speaking about the fall of Jerusalem and of end of the world Jesus said something to the effect "When you see ... then know that the time is near" (see Matthew 24, Luke 21).

Jenny remembers that when first diagnosed someone had a vision of me kicking football with some blokes.
Months later, a week before Jenny unexpectedly spent a few days in hospital, I did just that.
What? Me? Never!
Can't see it being an ongoing get together - but a marker / sign of times / season?

In Matthew 24v15-20 we see Jesus' instructions to those who 'see the time is near'.

Things we can do:

observe the times
make plans
pack suitcase (know what's important and what can be discarded)
be single minded (don't keep moving things in and out of the suitcase)

Things we can pray about:

the weather
the timing

This, and other similarly themed articles, have been compiled into the 'God is Good Series'.