Just been reminded of something I wrote some time ago.


I hate reading some parts of the Bible, such as 1 Kings 16.
Its worse than the newspaper!

I came across this comment on that time in Israel's history:

In a society that continued to sin and split into factions, God raised up a prophet who spoke with authority and power.

The previous article was looking at the dire financial state of the nation - which continues to be the case, although we live as though there is no problem. Jesus comments on "As in the days of Noah..." spring to mind (Matthew 24:37-39).

The recent General Election has highlighted that we need prophets who speak with authority and power into this nation. Not prophets who are hidden away at gatherings of God's people but those who trouble the nation and cannot be kept out of the news reports. Prophets featured in news reports which are not editted in such a way as to hide their bibles or message.

For a long time people have prophesied a coming revival which will eclipse all others we read of in history. I'm not sure how much of such is wishful thinking or jumping on the bandwagon. I'm also not sure if the organised church is prepared for or 'will even like' such a revival. I think such a revival may even bypass organised churches. I look for a revival of people spontaneously gathering to pray and worship in public places. A revival not with big name preachers but a revival of people wanting to get right with God. A revival which organised churches cannot handle where their nets begin to break.