There's probably no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

I like it, because it reminds me of 3 things...

(1) The existence of God.

Open the Bible and we read 'In the beginning God...'.
When God appeared to Moses He said 'I AM'.
When Jesus came He declared 'Before Abraham was I AM'.
You see I exist, and my wife works hard to try to keep it that way. But, GOD IS!

(2) The nature of sin.

A simple definition of sin - Jesus says do not, I say I do.
One of the major recorded 'do not' themes in the teaching of Jesus was along the lines of '... do not worry ...' / ' ... fear not ...'.
This reminds me how 'natural' sin is, sin must be dealt with at its root, which is internal.
Too often sin is only of concern when we get caught - and then its often a case of '... next time I won't ... get caught'.
Worry reminds me that no sin is so trivial that the cross would not have been necessary.
That's a frightening thought - no sin is so trivial that the cross would not have been necessary - sin needs to be taken seriously.

(3) God's will my life.

Jesus promised abundant life, easy yoke, light burden, freedom for prisoners, release for the oppressed - that is God's will for my life.
You see God is for me, not against me.