King Herod - Matthew 2:1

King Herod - Luke 1:5

Caesar Augustus - Luke 2:1

Quirinius - Luke 2:2

An angel appeared to an otherwise unknown country priest (Zechariah) while performing his duties as required from a randomly produced rosta Luke 1:5-23. The high priest's family (Acts 4:5) only get mentioned later because of their displeasure at the turn of events.

An angel appeared to a teenage girl (Mary) in a backwater of the empire (Luke 1:26-38).

I've written before on 'the state of the nation' - see post : Divided Kingdom

The saga continues - the nation cotinues to 'totter on the brink'.

But what is God doing, saying?
If it were not for Zechariah, Mary and the associated events no-one, except Historical nerds, would have heard of Herod, Augustus or Quirinius.

So while the big names anguish God has his Zechariahs and Marys.
In time of national disaster he has his "remnant" 1 Kings 19:18.