Just read something about manipulating crowds, illusions used by entertainers and accusing some parts of the church of resorting to the same.

A few days ago God provided for someone I know - no miracle, just a 'natural' provision. One person on hearing about this gave thanks for 'psychic vibes'.
For all I know 'psychic vibes' technology might have been involved somewhere, but its more important to give praise & honour to Him to whom praise & honour is due.
Are you robbing God by not giving Him the praise & honour He is due?

In Proverbs 16:2b-3 we read

... motives area weighed by the Lord.
Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and he will establish your plans.

The last part is often quoted - but even if the plan is good and wholesome am I willing to have my motive weighed?
A day out, a business plan, this website...

Jesus said '... I am the reality ...' (John 14:6).
Jesus promised reality (John 8:32).
Jesus spoke of worshipping God in reality (John 4:32).