The other day I heard someone mention 3 things to consider when praying.

God's World

Are you praying for a miracle, something supernatural or something unnatural?
If you are looking for something unnatural then be prepared to be disappointed.
God created the world (universe, cosmos etc.) and everything in it.
Creation was not a random event - he spoke and he holds it together.

Are you eating?
Are you drinking?
Are you exercising?
Are you sleeping?
Are you resting?
Are you working?
Are you forgiviing?
Are you malicous?
Are you taking your medicine?
Do you gossip?
Are you ignoring advice?
Are you careless with money?
Can you be trusted with a little?

If you cannot be trusted to handle the above then can God trust you with more?
If you 'break the law' of eating then why be surprised when you suffer?

If you find yourself unable to 'keep the law' then why not pray that you be made willing to be made willing (often referred to as repentance!).
That will set you on the road of God's will with a goal to aim for.

God's Will

Are your prayer's along these lines?

What I want.
When I want it.
Where I want it.
How I want it.

What happened to 'seek first His Kingdom...'?
Oh - no problem when I have all this money I can invest it in His Kingdom...
Pull the other one - God's heard it all before.

God's will is that you live, live abundantly and be made whole (John 10:10, Luke 5:13).
Be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so you can test and approve God's will (Romans 12:2).
Make level paths for you feet so that what is damaged may not be destroyed but made whole (Hebrews 12:13).

Where are you headed?
What is your foundation?

God's Enemy

There is an enemy out there who is seeking to destroy you.

Seeking to pile more problems onto you.
Seeking those who will help him in his work (including you!).

What company do you keep?
What TV do you watch?

Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
You live in troubled times - in him you have a certain untroubled future!