Although 'its scriptural mate' I don't like the phrase 'God answers prayer'.

I much prefer to say 'God responds to prayer'.
That involves communication, discussion, rebuke, correction, training...
Maybe I am seeking 'what is good' and not 'pursuing the best'!

The other day I heard someone mention answers to prayer being like traffic lights.
Got me thinking. These are not their words, but I came up with these ideas...

Its a miracle.
I leap out of bed and rush home from hospital leaping and dancing!

I patiently wait as my body recovers / manages / copes with the issue.
I change diet, lifestyle, take tablets, have operations in order to limit the damage.
I still see miracles - medical equipment, consultant's wisdom, appointment dates...

Nothing appears to happen.
Why not?
Maybe, like with traffic lights, there is something going on unseen.
If I leapt out of bed healed maybe there would be one almighty (spiritual) crash!

Could this be connected with Jesus 'only doing what he sees the Father doing' (John 5:19)?
Be in no doubt - the Father's will is healing, wholeness, liberty..., not destruction.
But maybe there is an order, otherwise the final state could be worse than the first!