In February 2016 I wrote the words... "Whatever happens we have to see it as a new start, leave the old ways and make new paths!".

I felt like that could be considered 'a word from the Lord' - for those who like such terminology.
Never imagined that the outcome would cause such turmoil.
Both conservative and labour leaderships up for grabs at the same time! Dangerous times!
An opportunity for both to leave the old ways and make new paths!

A time of prayer - "Ask God to help and bless them all, and tell God how thankful you are for each of them ... so that we may live quiet and peaceful lives as we worship and honour God." (1 Timothy 2:1-3).

The financial world panic, fear of effect on personal circumstances, panic applications for Irish passports - what is going on? Bewildering, almost like the UK is being punished. A year before the referendum we knew there was a significant 'Brexit' body of opinion. We could count the in/out MPs, but the mood of the population was unquantified. Once we got the figures and know where we stand - 'panic'. But what has changed? Could be some time before the formal exit countdown starts.

Where is my hope? Where is my confidence? Where is my supply?

Seek God's Kingdom and He will take care of the things you are afraid of losing (Matthew 6:33).