Some time ago I wrote the article We are in Trouble!

As a nation we are 3 weeks away from a General Election.

It seems to me that the main players are playing with plastering over the cracks and not dealing with the real issue. As mentioned before I still see (Joel 1v14) as a word to the leaders of this nation.

Unlike other nations we don't have a recent history of riots on the street the day after an election nor months of haggling over formation of a coalition!

The other day I saw this advertisement and the title caught my eye: 'Now is the Time'.

Exactly 2 weeks after the election - in 2010 it took 6 days to form a coalition.
What will happen during those 2 weeks?

Jesus speaking about the fall of Jerusalem (Matthew 24) did not say 'pray it will not happen!
Instead he gave instructions along the following lines:

  • Make plans for the event (to me that implies praying about the plans).
  • Don't be double-minded when action is required.
  • Pray about the time of year (e.g. weather).
  • Pray about the date (e.g. conflict with other issues).

In October 1987 we had the storm of Black Friday followed by the financial crisis of black Monday.
Do you pray about coming similar events along the lines Jesus mentioned?
Are you building your life on The Rock (Matthew 7)?

I have no specific prophetic word about any such events or an understanding of certain biblical prophecies which some claim.

In a previous article on the End Of the World I mentioned something 'put the frighteners on someone I know'!

I came across this comment on the purpose of 'frightening' prophecies from God -
Their purpose is so that we might 'prepare - not be scared'!

Takes me back to Jesus' comments on the fall of Jerusalem...