Revelation 22:6-21

Revelation is not a coded book.
Its a discipleship manual for our troubled times.
This book shows us how to live faithfully for Jesus in the midst of increasing turmoil and trouble.

Revelation 1:1 Jesus is whole point of this book.
It gives us an image / picture of Jesus.
We see Him described as:
  Faithful Witness,
  First born of the dead,
  Ruler of Kings on Earth,
  The one who loves us and has freed us from our sin,
  Alpha & Omega / The Beginning & End / The First & Last,
  The Son of Man who holds the keys of death & Hades,
  Head of Church,
  Slaughterd lamb,
  Conquering lion,
  Rider on white horse,
  Faithful & True,
  Judge of all the earth,
  King of kings and Lord of lords,
  The Bridegroom,
  The One who satisfies us
In summary we have seen Jesus as God.

Intertwined with this we have seen something else.
  This Jesus is coming back.
  Jesus is coming soon Revelation 22.
  Jesus is already on His way Revelation 1:7.

What does this revelation of Jesus mean to us?
It does not matter unlesswe see ourselves and our lives in light of Him.
It is only good news if we see ourselves and our lives in light of Him before He comes.

Revelation 22:6 These words are trustworthy and true.

Revelation 22:7 There is a blessing for those who live their lives in the light of the prophecies of this book.
Reminds us of Revelation 1:3.

Revelation 22:10 The time is near, do not seal this book.
Contrast with Daniel 12:9 where Daniel is told to shut the book.
The end is no longer far away, we are living in the last days.

What does this book mean for us today?

(a) Revelation 22:11

Strange way to bring the book to a close, elsewhere we have seen calls to come near to Jesus, to follow the way of the lamb. Here we are called to embrace whatever lifestyle we have chosen. Whether the city of Babylon or the city of God / the way of the Lamb.

Good intentions are not enough.
Who you are today is who you really are, not who you plan to be!
What do you hold most dear?
The is no perpetual string of tomorrows in which change may occur.
Tomorrow has not been promised to us, all we have is today.

(b) Revelation 22:12

Jesus will return as judge.
Jesus is the ultimate judge of everyone.
Only one measurement matters.
Is the grace of God your hope, are you chasing Jesus?

(c) Revelation 22:13

Beginning - architect / source / from whom all things flow.
  This is a radical claim, everything owes its existence to Jesus.
End - Jesus not only from whom you came, but also your destiny, your purpose.

Is life a cruel joke, or are we meant for more?
We are meant for Jesus.
Colossians 1:15-20
Jesus is all there was, there is and all that there will be.
Those without a place in Him will be left without a place for all eternity.

(d) Revelation 22:14

Jesus the judge stood before the Father in our place.
  In His life, death and resurrection.
We wash our robes in Jesus.
  We cannot wash our own robes, we don't have what it takes.

God has provided our salvation.
Our judge provides our salvation.

(e) Revelation 22:16

Morning star - dawn about to break.
He delays, because He is patient 1 Peter 3:9.
The love of God constrains Him.

His patience will eventually give way to:
  The cries of the martyrs.
  The cries of the church.
  The groans of creation.
He will move with justice.

Further Reading

Revelation 21:1-8
Isaiah 43:18-19; 2 Peter 3:11-18
1 Corinthians 15
John 4:10; 7:37
Luke 12:234-48; Romans 8:18-23
Isaiah 65:17-25; Exekial 37:24-28