Revelation 15:1-4

There are two realities which are woven together through the book of Revelation.

In the last part we contrasted the people of God (Jesus) with the people of the beast.

The beast we identified with the 2 major pillars of our world today which the dragon (Satan) works through (state / politics / culture, false teaching).

In contrast we saw the 6 things which identify the followers of Jesus (with God / God with them, sing a new song, faithful, follow lamb / denied themselves, present themselves as living sacrifices / first fruits, reject what is false / people of truth) - this is the Christian life. All of this flows from the work of the lamb, the blood of Jesus.

We also looked at hell, with the reminder that Jesus came to rescue us from its clutches.

Two Additional Marks

Here in chapter 15 we are given 2 additional hallmarks of the followers of the lamb.

1. Followers of the lamb conquer v.2
How do they conquer? They conquer the beast.
Harps are instruments of joy.

Conquering is a major theme of the book of Revelation - more than anywhere else in the New Testament.
Mentioned 19 times in total - 17 of which are in Revelation.
Seven of those are found in chapters 2 and 3 where particular churches addressed.
See Rev 5:5 (Rom 8:37), Rev 6:2, Rev 12:11, Rev 17:14, Rev 21:7

A major theme of Romans 8 is conquering, particularly vv37,38 - we conquer through Jesus, Rev 12.
The conquering portrayed in movies in not the type of conquering talked of in Revelation.
In Rev 11:7 and Rev 13:7 we see the beast conquering!
Do we conquer or are we conquered? See Rev 6:9, 2:13.
The answer is -- YES -- we conquer by dying!!
How are we victorious? See Rom 8:36 - we are victorious through tribulation.
We conquer the dragon by the blood of the lamb AND imitating the pattern of the lamb.
We conquer through the lamb AND following the way of the lamb.
We need to understand this paradox if we are to stand in the age of the beast.

How does this work out in practice?
(a) In your face attack - martyrdom - physical threat.
(b) Laws / by-laws etc which force us to toe the (company) line - or else
(c) Often subtler attacks - our pursuits / hobbies, our perceived rights, our money, our job
Views on marriage / sex

Often does not seem like victory, where is the victory?
Not bowing to the beast is our victory.
We are conquerors from the viewpoint of Heaven.
Jesus said "blessed are you ..." - Matt 5:10, Matt 1624, Mark 10:29-31
The very fact that we die makes us victors.
Day of martyrdom - known as a day of victory in early church.

Rom 8 We are already dead - Christ in you.
I no longer live. We live by faith.
Walking with Jesus is never a net loss!

Signs at airport - waiting for that one person.
May possibilities, but only one name.
We are looking for Jesus, but beast tries to catch eye.

2. Followers of the lamb sing v.3
Why do they sing and what do they sing about?

(a) Song of Moses Exodus 15
Song of liberation & victory (next to Red Sea - Exodus)
(b) Sonf of the Lamb - New song Psalm 98
(c) Song for the nations - all nations, not just Israel. See Rev 5:9-10
Red, yellow, black & white all are precious in His sight.
(d) Song declaring God's mighty deeds.
What in particular? - Judgement! The challenge of Revelation.
Judgement & grace both needed to display God is God - Just, Holy.

Note they don't sing about what they have done, they sing about what God has done.

How much doesGod love us? Jesus died.
How much does God hate sin? Jesus died.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, the things of earth will grow strangely dim.

Further Reading

Revelation 14:1-5, 22:1-4
Joel 2:28-32
Revelation 14:6-13
Daniel 4
Zephaniah 3:9-13, Revelation 20:10
Matthew 24:1 1, Corinthians 15:50-58