Deliver us from Evil

There are lots of things which happen to us which seem unreasonable or unexplainable.
We can recognise some problems caused by lifestyle, diet, culture, technology.
Unlike the Romans today we know better than use lead pipes for drinking water.

Similarly despite our cleverness there are a lot of unanswered questions about health.
Maybe a simple (even cheap!) change may not help our generation, but could reduce the suffering of a future generation.

The story* is told of a boy who was sold into slavery by his family.
He showed some aptitude in his duties and became a prized possession.
Then he was wrongly accused of a misdemeanour and ended up in prison.
On their release another prisoner promised to help with his appeal - then forgot.
Some years later that boy, now a free man, was reunited with his family.
Looking back over his life he could declare:

"You meant to harm me, but God intended it for good."

Rarely do we see things with such clarity of hindsight, and such comments mean little when 'in our prison cell' and unwelcome when coming from people commonly referred to as "Job's comforters".

Leaving aside the philosophical discussions of the book of Job it does provide an interesting insight into the spiritual realm and things going on there, of which many are usually unaware.

Jesus referred to Satan (the evil one) as 'a thief who comes to steal and destroy' .
The Apostle Peter referred to Satan as a 'roaring lion looking for someone to devour'.

Not all of us reposition noses on other people's faces or spray obscene graffiti on church walls, but we all fail to live up to what God intended.
We are all damaged goods and need deliverance.

* Story of Joseph in Genesis 37-50