Reminded this morning of Acts 3:1-8 and the song about it which has the words "he went walking, leaping and praising God".

The guy was healed : Physically (walking), Emotionally (leaping) and Spiritually (praising God).

The Gospel of Jesus Christ touches parts which religion does not reach - the holistic Gospel.

That rendition of the song in that link includes the words "you are a disciple, now you do it" which reminds me of Mark 16:17 "these signs will accompany those who believe".

Signs follow believers, believers don't follow signs.
Like a ship on the ocean - the wake behind is the only evidence that the ship is moving.
Or has someone once put it "when I don't pray (god-)coincidences don't happen".

But then what is your view / understanding of God, is he "a hard man" as described in Matthew 25:24?

Have you been "taught the principles of Christianity, but we do not know or experience personal friendship with God" like these people?

Did Jesus lie in Matthew 11:29-30 when He promised "... I am gentle, humble, easy to please ... I provide refreshment and rest ... my requirements are pleasant and easy to bear."? The gospel is either holistic or it is no gospel. Keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking (Matthew 7:7) pray along these lines "Jesus I hear you have kept your promises for others, let me know & experience you as the promise keeper".

Reminded the other day of the question in a Narnia book about the lion Aslan "Is he safe? Oh no, he is not safe (came the reply) but he is good". Will you turn and believe Jesus the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5) is "gentle, humble, easy to please" and experience the sign following of "experiencing personal friendship with God"?