• Believe Something is True

    The witness of the historical record...
    Noah's flood (geological and fossil record).
    Jesus - life, death, resurrection.
    The miracle of the church (survival & growth).
    The miracle of the nation of Israel (survival).

  • Believe a Person is Genuine

    The claims Jesus made about himself - true or false?
    Is he genuine or is this the greatest con of history?

  • Believe in God's Power

    The exodus from Egypt.
    Daniel and friends during the Babylonian exile.
    The miracles, teaching and wisdom of Jesus.
    Jesus' promise to be with his people.

  • Believing as Trust

    Make it personal.
    If Jesus changed *** there is hope for me.

  • Believing in Christ as Messiah, Saviour, Lord & King

    Building your life on Jesus.
    Making Jesus the centre piece of your life - being 'God fixed', 'Jesus fool'.
    Submitting to Jesus as your Shepherd.
    ... listening to his voice, resting in green pastures, enjoying the still waters.
    ... being comforted by him as you walk through things you would sooner avoid.