I've often times been troubled over prayer. Would not describe myself as a man of prayer or an intercessor. Comments about or by people, and their books, who appear to have 'got prayer together' don't help. I don't like mention of 'answers to prayer' - implies I get what I want! To me I see a lot more of 'I scream, he hears' and less of I get what I want, when I want it, where I want it ... but God is Good. Prayer along the lines of crying "Daddy, Father" (Romans 8:15) confident that I have received the Spirit of adoption (Romans 8:15-17). Many groans of "I don't know what to say" (Romans 8:26-27) but with the cry "Daddy, Father" the Spirit responds and I get a glimpse into St. Paul's experience of prayer which he describes in 1 Corinthians 14:2, 14:14-15, 14:18. God has not give me a spirit of slavery to fear (Romans 8:15) but of power, love and self-discipline (1 Timothy 1:7).

I recently came across the following insights into the praying church / church prayer meetings (yawn...) by Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer.

1. The Praying Church will be God-Centred
Revelation 4:8, 5:11-14; Isaiah 24:14-16.

The praying church will declare the truth about God's character - he is good.
In Jesus' prayer teaching bullet points (Matthew 6:9-12) he taught us to honour and respect Father God's name (i.e. his character).

2. It Will be Continual
Revelation 4-5; Isaiah 62:6-7; Luke 18:7-8; 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

On a personal level this is not prayer restricted to certain hours of the day, but a life lived crying "Daddy Father" (Romans 8:15) and walking along with the song "Having a little talk with Jesus" in our hearts.

On a corporate level this is not an invitation to organise it all under one roof but having a prayer culture where each ministry does its own small part. Together all offer night-and-day prayer with Jesus receiving continual corporate worship from the church, his body.

3. It will be Global
Isaiah 42:10-12; Malachi 1:11.

Isaiah saw that no place would be too remote or difficult to be untouched by this song of worship. No religion or political barriers will be able to hold it back (Isaiah 42:11).

4. It will be Musical
Revelation 5:8-9; Psalm 100; Ephesians 5:19-20.

In some circles prayer meetings are the least attended gatherings of the church, only the most stalwart (or religious) attend, they are the most serious and least enjoyable event of the week. Introducing music and these times become not just bearable but also enjoyable. Few things touch the human spirit in the way that anointed music does.
Isaiah 24:14-16; 26:1; 27:2; 30:29; 32; 35:1-2,10; 42:10-12; 54:1.

5. It will be Missional
Matthew 24:14; Revelation 7:9,14; Luke 10:2.

From the prayer communities in Jerusalem (Acts 2) and Antioch (Acts 13) we see missionaries sent out, evangelism unleashed and significant harvests.

Jesus connected night-and-day prayer to the release of justice and his return (Luke 17:24-37; 18:7-8), a theme the apostle John noticed in heaven (Revelation 6:9-11; 8:3-6).

6. It will be Youth-Orientated
Malachi 4:5-6

Its easy to forget that the 12 Jesus appointed were youth (average age likely to be late teens / early twenties) and they turned the world upside down. The majority of the world's population is under 25, although statistics tell us some parts have an aging population problem, but note the passage in Malachi speaks of both generations being united. In Acts 2:17 both young and old included. The young will speak to each other (prophecy) and go after visions with the old encouraging them using dreams.

7. It will be Unified
John 17:21-23; Psalm 133

We will experience the fullness of God's purpose by honouring and serving one another in relationship Ephesians 3:18.

God has entrusted different aspects of His purposes and plans to separate parts of His Body. Out of necessity, but borne of love, the prayer movement will unite the church. Unity is the place where God commands His blessing in greatest measure (Psalm 133).