As the title suggests I want more - and I need to learn more.

What can God trust me (you) with (Proverbs 30:8-9)?
I see both poverty and wealth as being relative and gifts from God.
What measuring stick am I (you) using (Matthew 7:2)?

A rich geezer came to Jesus for advice. We don't know what triggered this enquiry.
Jesus advised him to sell everything and distribute to the poor (Luke 18:22).

Jesus did not say throw his money away.
Jesus did not expect him to neglect his responsibilities (1 Timothy 5:8).

We don't know the nature of his wealth.
We don't know how easy it would be to liquify his wealth.

What immediate practical outworking might Jesus have been thinking of?

I suggest it would have been a change of lifestyle and priorities (Luke 12:34).
Sowing different seeds.
Digging better foundations - whoops, these last two may make him richer!

Giving Half to the Poor
Jesus praised another guy for giving half his possessions to the poor (Luke 19:8-9).

What am I (you) hoping / looking for?
What does trusting in the Lord, living by faith mean practically?
How much building / sowing effort do I (you) need to put in (Psalms 127:1) (Isaiah 55:2)?

Do I (you) pray for my (your) enemies (Jeremiah 29:7) (Matthew 5:44)?
In Jermiah's day they where in a place they did not want to be, doing what they did not want to do...
That promise is not just 'getting by' but finding welfare there!

Keeping the Sabbath
Can be a neglected subject when money is concerned.
What I call self-employed disease - never able to say no, just in case there's a chance of making more money!!!

There is a time to stop working.
God gave the command to an agricultural community, farmers don't have days off.
Maybe the harvest needs getting in before the weather turns bad or an animal has an accident.
So what does it mean in my culture / lifestyle / interests / responsibilities / environment?

On one of the occasions when Jesus was in trouble for healing someone on the Sabbath he pointed out that if his accusers had a donkey which fell into a well on the Sabbath they would get it out!

I wonder whether Jesus was referring to an actual incident - maybe even the previous Sabbath.
Maybe a few of his disciples had lent a muscle, even Jesus himself, and no one had complained!
In the words of an old song... 'the guilt of his accusers was plain for all to see'.

There is a scripture God once showed me which went something like 'go to church and I will watch your back' - nothing to do in my situation with Sunday, Sabbath or any other special day. Today I cannot find that scripture, but search the Bible and you will at least find the principle.

Help! What should we do?
Do you know your calling in this area?
Where is your trust?
Are you looking to Him or the means he uses to make provision?