I am aware that there have been various rumblings from both church and occult sources about 2012, but have not paid much attention or followed them in detail.

Some months ago something said on this put the frighteners on someone I know.
Out of that came the following thoughts from Mathew 24 re fall of Jerusalem in AD70.

(1) God was broken hearted over the fall of Jerusalem (Matt 23 vv27-39).
Is that a reaction you would expect of God? How well do you know God?

(2) Do not be alarmed. Such things must happen (Matt 24 v6).
He does not say pray that such things will not happen.

(2a) Do not worry. I will give you words and wisdom (Luke 21 vv13-15).

(3) Be observant and watch what is going on (Matt 24 v15).

(4) Make whatever practical arrangements you can (Matt 24 v16-18).
Plan your exit route. Have things packed for a quick get away.

(5) In response to (3) for a season forego that which is normally legitimate so that when the time comes you will be free to move quickly (Matt 24 v19).

(6) And finally he comes to prayer...
But pray about what? - Be practical, down to earth.

(6a) The weather - all can amen to that.

(6b) Flight won't be on the sabbath.
A gentile like me doesn't give a damn about the Sabbath, but for a Jew... Some will flee anyway, some will hesitate (putting their own and others lives in jeopardy), others will dig their heals in and refuse to budge until sunset.
For me that means praying that I won't be bogged down with unnecessary theological baggage / cultural baggage / personal hangups at the time.

I added the following thoughts in the run-up to the 2010 UK general election.
That final point 6 - pray for what?

I feel that a day is coming, and it may not be far off, when this country will need a leader with the humility, grace and wisdom to handle it.
Current leaders? I don't know, there may be more changes ahead before that day comes, but as I write this I am sure that such a day is coming.

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What does 2012 mean to me?
In my mind that year is synonymous with one thing which then reminds me of another.
I have not heard a whisper from other quarters mentioning either.
Maybe I am adding 2 + 2 and getting 5. Maybe the thing to do for now is pray...