The domain name of this website '' was originally registered to a travelling preacher called Dennis Dohner. He occassionally visited a church I was involved with, but due to circumstances I was never there on those occassions. I recall he had one message 'God is Good', and preached nothing else. During the last few months I've looked for, but could not find recordings of those visits.

In 2010 he relinquished the '' domain registration (as he was using another domain). I thought that could be useful and grabbed it, as explained in About Us.

One day his wife died and by a 'fluke of circumstances' Jenny and I saw her memorial service on TV. All I recall are Dennis' tears.

He visited the church in September 2011.
Again circumstances (this time unwanted circumstances) meant that yet again our paths did not cross!
However, the other day I found one of the lost recordings...
Dennis Morgan Dohner - September 2011

I may be premature in publishing this, but seeing the overlap between certain circumstances in Dennis' life and my own I thought I would share this.

P.S. about being premature... discovered Dennis and his new wife published a book a few days after I wrote the above!
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This, and other similarly themed articles, have been compiled into the 'God is Good Series'.